Rock Solid in a Storm: Daniel Bassill with a Life Rope

Daniel’s posts always do more than inform. They are full of persuasion and  they make me a better person.  I have been mulling over his latest post,

Conflicted: How to focus long term when world around is in turmoil?

As usual he has some serious wisdom to share. This time he takes the long view about giving in a world full of turmoil. I say it is wise because it runs counter to what the prevailing wisdom is (which is really an oxymoronic thing to say, right?). Most folk are saying ‘resist’ and even fight. Dan says instead that we need to save democracy by giving more. More money and more service.

I am annotating both the images and the text at NowComment and have added a few other choice readings from Isaiah Berlin and an article about the ‘triple bottom line’ from Tanya Hall and Timothy F. Slaper as extras. Come visit. His writing always repays on its ROA–return on attention. It is not a zero sum game either. You will gain life for time invested. No, really? 😉

Head Down on the Rail, Eyes Closed

Responding to a Facebook post I got a vision:

I have my head down
listening on the rail,
listening for the train a-comin’,
but I have my eyes
It’s coming,
damnit it’s coming,
listen to the train,
listen to the track,
why won’t I



Here is the post, another version of that vision.

and my response:

History is perfect hindsight, but I guarantee you that
America’s Fascism, Inc. will look way different than the Third Reich’s did. It will come perhaps as a new version of the Civilian Conservation Corps, doing infrastructure work, providing a paycheck, getting folks thinking that maybe we Americans can at least do good and have a job and a purpose. Then we will start to sing songs together and then we wear uniforms as we sing our songs and then…well, like I said it will probably not be exactly that or even close to that, but we better damned well be watching with one eye cast out as we put an ear to the railroad tracks. There will be no blast of warning from that train that bears down upon us all.

And here are the two songs competing in my soul as I carry on down my blind road: Dylan’s “Slow Train Runnin'” and Warren Zevon’s “Nighttime in the Switchin’ Yard”.

Slow Train Coming – Bob Dylan from summer soul channel on Vimeo.



Listen to the train,

listen to the track,

Listen to the train,

listen to the track.

Listen to the train,

listen to the track.





The Apocalypedia is a subversive comic-philosophic dictionary, a strangely recognisable, friendly yet disturbing, delight-inducing anatomy of radical self-knowledge that ties nature and culture up with the cunning, mysterious and absurd paraphernalia of the human psyche, using a transdimensional shoe-lace. The Apocalypedia shows what-the horror of work, dread love affairs, gut-impotence, tongue-tied micro-catastrophes, world-detonating inflows of…

I have been filled with schadenfreudian emotion reading this ode to snark and snide that is the inheritor of Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary. Below is one of my favorite ‘definitions’: