Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Dyin’

I got a little carried away with my emotions and rhetoric in the post below, but a very large chunk of me says that while I am busy hating here, I am also busy loving my little hollar and neighborhood and home and country, too.

This post and the gentle pushback by both Amy Perrault and Daniel Bassill is what keeps me going online.  These folk care and have an equally valid voice. That is no false equivalency.  Thanks to them for caring enough to join in and make sense.

The lesson here: Nazis, mind yer owned damned business and if you can’t do t…

The lesson here: Nazis, mind yer owned damned business and if you can’t do that then “fuck you”. The power of Charlottesville is that a bunch of outsiders got told “fuck you” by a bunch of native sons and daughters.

Come Back, Gif. Come Back.

A recent encounter on Twitter:


I really missed Peter Kittle on #CLMOOC. Of course I thought of the closing scene from the incomparable Western, Shane.

I used the GifIt function on YouTube to create a gif clip.

Then I followed with an online tool you might not know–EZGIF.  It is so easy to add captions.

And just for fun I converted the original into the “new” animated png (APNG) format.

A couple of added benefits of using a tool like this.  You can really appreciate the cinematography in Shane especially in the shot-by-shot look in EZGIF.  Second, there are lots of pro tips for tweaking and optimizing your gif.  Have fun.


Browser History Twister

Yesterday, Wendy Taleo responded to my idea in a tweetchat about using browser histories to “doodle” with. She created the image below, then I created a thinglink to add digital objects to the image.  You can do the same. There are no rules.  Click on image anywhere and then edit it with the little pencil icon in the corner.  Doodle away.  Doodle whatevs. Thanks, Wendy, for taking hold of the improvisational spirit of the doodle.