Come Back, Gif. Come Back.

A recent encounter on Twitter:


I really missed Peter Kittle on #CLMOOC. Of course I thought of the closing scene from the incomparable Western, Shane.

I used the GifIt function on YouTube to create a gif clip.

Then I followed with an online tool you might not know–EZGIF.  It is so easy to add captions.

And just for fun I converted the original into the “new” animated png (APNG) format.

A couple of added benefits of using a tool like this.  You can really appreciate the cinematography in Shane especially in the shot-by-shot look in EZGIF.  Second, there are lots of pro tips for tweaking and optimizing your gif.  Have fun.



Kevin suggested a poetry link from the NYTimes on poets annotating their own poems. I wish more poets would do this as well as open up their poems to social annotation. Can you imagine the conversations that might emerge? I can. Below is the poem I chose:

I took one of the images in the story and, using Diigo’s very simple screenshot annotation tool, marked up what the poets had marked. It was an annotation of the conversation the poet held with himself.  Think of it as call and response.  If you are a human being you can do this. No fancy skills needed.

This work inspired a #smallstory in my Mastodon account.

This post is the breadcrumb. And imagine that we are all laying down breadcrumbs for each other.  Eat them while they are fresh. Of maybe a better comparison is a doodle that one person passes to another until, like the game of telephone, the message is transformed. Utterly.