Nuzzel to Narro: SoundGecko Redux or How to Create a Podcast from a Newsletter Automagically

Not very long ago in a tech universe really pretty close in time, I had a handy dandy browser/app program called SoundGecko. Alas, RIP, but it appears to have been resurrected in the form of Narro and in ways that make it even more useful.

With Narro, you can turn any text from a post into voice.  My favorite voice is the UK one called “Brian”.  These bot voices have come a long way toward humanity in the last year. Brian’s voice is delightful.

I love how easy it is to convert a post. If you are into podcasts or in this case audio newsletters, then here is the link to mine on Narro.

Here is a copy of this post I created on Narro and then downloaded and added here.  Easy, so easy.