The Whole World Is A DJ

I ran across this quote reading a forum here on how to keep your mixes from getting booted off Soundcloud.

The whole world is a DJ

In the context of that forum the point was that the tools are available now for almost anyone to begin to be their own DJ, but there is real consonance and dissonance in that short declarative sentence.

This collage is my first take on exploring it.  If you go here you can add your own to it, remix or de-mix.

Ladybug Baby Shower Ideas Photo Collage

Here is my own annotation of it.


Why bother with this ‘hyperactivity’? I am interested in the play of text and image. As a teacher and especially as a teacher of composition I feel it is part of my discipline and work to explore the metes and bounds of these media. What happens when they cross each other. Is there a hedgerow effect where text and words get all weedy and messy together just as they do in a fencerow? Is it like the various DMZ’s around the world that end up being profoundly diverse ecocorridors for diversity to expand into? Is it even like an ecosystem at all? All of these questions and more all go toward answering the larger pedagogic one: if text and image and sound are an ecosystem, then how can those who are learning along with me make the most of their own ‘mess’? I love my work.

Please note: there are some notes in the margins created by You are welcome to join me there where you will find explanatory screencasts, snarky endeavors by colleagues, and much and sundry:

Function Follows Form Follows Funky Fun

Simon posted an intriguing image on his blog this morning. He called it a blank page, but you can see it is far from blank.



It is a canvas. Perhaps a field with metes and bounds to be surveyed or transgressed or preyed upon in witless play?




It is a Mondrian above.  Or maybe it is an Instagram image below.

pablo (51) pablo (52)


Or a commonplace sampler for the grand vision of James Carse?


All of this began in Twitter where so much play often does in my community.  I don’t think of Twitter as a red light district of window commerce as some have colorfully suggested.  I don’t think it matters much what Twitter is so long as the fieldwalk that it represents carries on Carse’s infinite game.

It could be a comic.
It could be a hyperlink wormhole.
It could be a t-shirt.
It could be a parable or a tryptich or lyric or a fable.