Mastodon #Smallpoems: Piping at the Gates of Dawn

I was reading about the unintended negative consequences of Bitcoin mining when I realized that there can be positive unintended consequences in our lives as well.For example, I have been having a regular “to and fro” with Kevin Hodgson and Wendy Taleo in the open source social media site Mastodon around the hashtag #smallpoems and #smallstories.  There have been numerous collaborative ventures between us, but none more interesting than one that started with a #smallstories entry by Wendy Taleo (@wentale).

And then

And then me

And then Kevin playing by subtracting words

And me adding some back

And Wendy reducing it all once again

None of this was intended any further than Wendy’s original seed post on Mastodon. What emerged was a positive as far as I am concerned and a product of the creative vulnerabilities of all concerned. That’s one of the beauties of Mastodon. It opens up adjacent possibilities as a function of its open structure. Yes, that structure can be abused but at worst it, unlike Twitter, is a neutral platform, unowned and open.

These are not separate poems. This is one poem in a river of poetry that flows on Mastodon at #smallpoems/#smallstories from all the connected tributaries. Wendy and Kevin and I are in this instance the otters and river rats and moles and toads in and around the stream weaving our mercuric lives together. It’s dawn and we are the piper’s at its gates.