Conversation, Sitting on a Porch Swing, Drinking Coffee, Waiting, Sunday Morning, End of October

Conversation, Sitting on a Porch Swing, Drinking Coffee, Waiting

the ticksnap detach of the elm leaves,
they speak loudest.
a detachment of geese
gibbering to each other, “OutOutOut”.
nuthatches finding
the sunflower seeds in the feeder.
(We would’ve thought the greedy goldfinches
would’ve been first, but no.)
chickens rustling through
the fallen leaves
for…we know not what
nor do they till they find it.
the faint thrum of the interstate
getting stronger as the trees
take their leaves.
high, fast cirrus above
and clover and orchard grass
rising below.
time to grovel for
sweet taters and peanuts
to roast and toast
under Orion
and all the Milky Way.
the sugar bush–a whisper of
‘maybe this year we will rise’.
time for the house plants to get
their night cover
and for the rain lily to come inside
and rest.
And the last rose of summer,
our folk diva, sings.
we are waiting
but the gingko hasn’t budged a single inch off green
toward caution yellow.
we look at each other
our eyes asking–
we are waiting?
we are awaiting.

Pumping Up the Text with Moves and Music

I wanted to read this text closely and interact some, too, because it is seems so slickly abstract, so smooth. Credos and manifestos should not be so cool.

This lacks heat:

Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing

This is a little warmer:

And this is warmest of all (with a little tweak of the nose on the last slide):

And this makes it interactive:

And here is a link where it can also be interactive.

I have been reading about an idea called “cognitive accessibility”. Alastair Somerville has been doing workshops on this and has a couple of fascinating articles here and here.

I am just floundering around here in the shallow seas of my understanding here, but I was hoping that my own efforts to “warm up” the text might be a way to make this very dry credo more accessible. I know it is very frail, but it is my own and I am trying. Maybe you would like to consider, too, making all your text a bit more cognitively accessible.