Breadcrumbs for August

Sometimes it is fun to just tell a small story about the breadcrumbs you follow in the wild, wild Net. Here is one such.

I gather stories every morning for my newsletter. It’s fun. I get to keep my curating hand in good practice. In the end I added three links to today’s Nuzzel newsletter. One was about a journalism conference, one was about the reverse lookup image search engine TinEye, and the last was about a blog about booze in movies. Here’s how that happened. I think we need to share practice. I often have students do a similar breadcrumb exercise for class.

  1. Nuzzel feed for Newsletter (my facebook + twitter feed)
  2. Mediashift article about journalism conference ()  I love these because of the sheer density of useful tools and practical ideas, especially in disciplines like journalism and library science. Education, not so much.
  3. I find a Storify that sums up the conference


…and a tweet in the Storify about TinEye, a reverse image lookup tool I had totally forgotten about.

I upload it to TinEye and, yes, it does search gifs.  Here are the results.

25 results – TinEye

Please note that this search engine came up with 25 hits from over 21.2 billion images in 0.5 seconds.

Filtering for the oldest example of a jpg I find one on the site, Boozemovies.


P.S. Here are all the links in one place using the ultraneat web archiving tool, Webrecorder:


Writing Teachers and Writers: COMPLICIT!

I ran across this quote while reading James C. Scott’s work, Against the Grain.

It is profoundly difficult for me to read this, but I think I owe it to myself to understand farming and writing and reading as complicit elements in the world as we now know it in part–exploited, enslaved, and unenlightened.  Scott’s genius is to take the existing state of knowledge and connect the nodes into a very different map, more complex, more carefully nuanced, and more useful.

I have included an alternative, mixed media view of this quote and invite you to share a conversation over the book.


Just a note. This take might be completely off, but from where I am right now in my reading this is how it seems: pwnd & complicit. I am hoping this changes. Please, let it change.