#Create5 MOOC: the Five Habits of Highly Creative Teachers

This is Cathleen Nardi and Crew’s Summer take on making and creating and otherwise ‘homago’.

I have created a warp hole into the course with the zeega below. I am not contributing much directly within the Canvas learning management system, preferring a more piratical course, picking off the stray creative ship here and there. I think more often every day that we need to have others from the outside keep us ‘honest”–MOOC iconoclasts. Can I get a paying gig doing that? Anybody? Check out the zeega below. Fun times for me and the haunting Jeff Tweedy song is worth the watch/listen.

Google Classroom: The Real Deal?

The Vialogue below is a NYTech Hangout where some pilot users for Google Classroom got together, non-disclosure notwithstanding, to discuss their initial experience with using Google Classroom in the classroom.  Very interesting and worth skimming or watching in whole.  Also, I include several useful links inside for further viewing and reading. Join and enjoy.