Five Image Storifying.

This ultimate week of this #CLMOOC six week journey  brings me home to story, not narrative, not plot, but story, the natural articulation of the world rising from the world.

I started the week using a tool that ties together photos and photo manipulation using my mobile device.  The app is called “Fuse” and the desktop app is called “SnagIt” and they both come from TechSmith.  The killer appitude of these is that they work together. Any picture you take with Fuse can be made to flow automatically to SnagIt.  No friction between the two.

Here is the first fruit for what I am calling “Five Days/Five Stories/Five Images”.

5 pix story_6 lines of dialog

So this is Monday’s.  Today’s will be a story told with screenshots.

five screenshotsWhere will we go next?


EV Grieve: Did you know Michael Brody?


A reminder for all you young ‘uns out there.  We all die. Some of us are forgotten, some all the way, others mostly all the way.  Our stories end, but the stories we have told do not have to.  If we are good enough and we care enough.

Here are some folks whose stories I have not told:

Happy Gale

Ed Willard

Jewell Ridings

Dudley Digges

My mother

My father

All my students

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