How to Make a Ricky Board: Controlled Accidents in a Formal Environment

Do It: How To Make A Ricky Board (2012)

  1. This board can be any size you want.
  2. The proportions are dictated by four rows of five rickies.
  3. Each ricky is, as nearly as possible, exactly the same as every other ricky.
  4. The ricky can be an object or a flat image.
  5. The thing about the rickies is you will see them change before your eyes because you will give each ricky a different name.
  6. The names will be printed or written under each ricky. Twenty different names in all.
  7. You will be amazed at the different personalities that emerge depending on the names you give.

Anyone want to try? Remember the key is the very rhizomatic instruction in the title:  controlled accidents in a very formal environment.



Do It: 20 Years of Famous Artists’ Irreverent Instructions for Art Anyone Can Make | Brain Pickings

Artist and publishing provocateur Paul Chan (2005):

When you meet someone new tell them the following:

“Our modern age is characterized by a sadness which calls for a new kind of prophet.

Not the prophets of old who reminded people that they were going to die, but someone who will remind them that they are not dead yet.”

Do not be embarrassed.
Do not be afraid.