The MacGyver of Flyers–Smore, the FlyLetter

It’s called Smore and it creates flyers with a social media twist. This is one of those tools you want your club to use or your or your school or your church. It takes a common form as its template–the flyer–and then shows how you can use it in the Webbed-up world. It has social media connections (especially Facebook), is embeddable (scroll below), has analytics, allows for video and audio (would be very effective is used with augmented reality app like Aurasma), is printable, and is published to its own web page. It also has badges and looks to have a gamification element to it as well. It really is a cross between a flyer and a newsletter–a flyletter?–and seems to live in the both virtual and physical realms quite happily. It costs $59 for teachers, but I am using the freebie edition.

Thanks to Richard Byrne for the heads up on this here.

Make/Assignment Banks/Repositories/Galleries with Alan Levine



Tonight Paul Allison’t TeachersTeachingTeachers Hangout will feature a discussion of Make/Assignment Banks.

Wednesday, May 21 on Teachers Teaching Teachers — 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern — we will be talking about Make/Assignment Banks/repositories/Galleries with  +Alan Levine leader and teacher of the open digital storytelling class, ds106

Paul has some interesting observations on his blog and some even more interesting questions:

    • What are and the connections between missions/assignments/makes to #clmooc other collaborative MOOCS or MOOCS in general?
    • How do we guide students and teachers to use and contribute to these repositories? How is it different for different ages?
    • Each are attached to important learning communities/ecologies. What happens when we use them outside of these experiences?
    • What’s the difference between a make and an assignment?

I have prepared a Diigo Group with links that echo some of Paul’s own.  You can access these links here:  

See you tonight at at 9PM ET/6PM PT on Wednesday, May 21.

The Force That through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower: It’s Alive, Planetary,and Not to Be Denied

I was bowled over by Tanya Lau’s Storify that curated a long collaborative poem and its ripples out into her world.

 I started to respond with a PopcornMaker media piece to try to sum up, but it was so rhizomatic and extended that I gave up.  I am still working on a Popcorn on the original poem that inspired everyone, but I wanted to do something today, not next week.  I took Tanya’s vocaroo mp3

Record and upload voice >>

and made some notes



And then turned those scribbles above made from her inspired voice and translated them into the zeega below.

Thanks to the passel of folk who have woven themselves into the cloth that is here, there, and many unnamed ‘elsewheres’. Neat!