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    Loved that Kevin. Had a look at Zeega – looks enticing. I can see that you can make a Zeega from their ‘palette’ but do you use (some of) your own stuff – music, images short vids. I’m always curious about the process.

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      To be mistaken for Kevin is an honor, an impossibility, but still an honor.

      You can upload images and animated gifs and, of course, add text to any slide. You could also get a soundcloud account and upload your own music/spoken word. You could also save animated gifs to Giphy and Tumbler. So…I feel that the palette could be quite personal. I don’t find it cramps at all.

      What I really love about it is the opportunity to “reply” and remix someone else’s zeega, like the one Kevin has created and that I will work with today sometime because it is digital learning day and I want to learn with my digits. 😉

      You are welcome to join us. Play is inherently rhizomatic. I know that for fact certain.

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      I love how this zeega feels like a musical composition. I find myself playing it over and over, experimenting with clicking to the next screen with different tempi. I feel like I am playing an instrument.

      The last one of these I did (in response to Dave’s question about reading making us stupid) I purposely used no text except at the beginning. And the rest was a conversation I had with myself about this–we certainly don’t need reading to make us stupid. Any act can be stupid. And I wanted to say that reading, like any human art, can rise or fall, be sublime or be infirm.

      Ima gonna reply and remix as part of digital learning day. Amen.

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