Lunch Pail Manifesto

One of the tropes that grew out of my feedforward journaling exercise was this:

I am returning to the hive on a regular basis with pollen and water and taking out poop and the detritus of regular hive activity.  I also feed.  Around me are workers and drones.  Sometimes I am one, sometimes the other. Sometimes I am very far afield and a bit lost looking for feed sources that I can bring back home with a cool waggle dance of joy and sharing.  I am a bee in this landscape.  Sometimes I feel like a queen who wants to re-hive.  Right now I am a scout be for the hive, but I want bring home the food in the very near future.  This feedforward work is part of that personal and professional desire.

So I am a worker bee today, finding a source of food and doing my little waggle dance to orient you toward it.


Also, in line with my feeling that rhizo is practice and action and being, I salute Steven Pressfield’s Lunch Pail Manifesto.  I am a working class dude. Been doing hard work since I was 11 years old.  Maybe that makes me as stupid as Boxer in Animal Farm, but it makes me something.  Here goes.



Here is a response Hackpad for those who wish to respond.  I don’t agree wholly with the manifesto, but I think it is good starting pad for discussing what it means to write, be a writer, share writing and keep writing. Just click on any bulleted hyperlink and add kibbitz away.


View Lunch Pail Manifesto on Hackpad.

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