Spiral Reciprocation Machine: Systems Thinking Deep Inside Initial Conditions

I have been working to articulate the need for reciprocation throughout CLMOOC.  My whole purpose as a facilitator is to help folks facilitate.  What is that but reciprocation by another name.  I have been trying to curate more throughout by using visual tools and analysis.  What is that but reciprocation by another name.  I have tried to use close reading and annotation to bring to the surface the utter beauty that is the work folks are doing here on the MOOC.  What is that but the manna on the waters that is the definition of reciprocation?  Finally, I have combined them all in my mind in a messified visual rhetoric that starts at the micro level of tweets and tries to spiral out to mondo level of the MOOC itself.  And it’s a comic.

A very weird comic with almost no graphics.  All panels.  All text.  I guess some might argue it isn’t a comic, just the trappings, yet it feels like one to me because it is a page and there is a flow and there are panels and directional markers (a bit heavy handed on my part because I wanted to make sure the readers can follow its spiral path).  And it moves the narrative of the idea of reciprocation and initial conditions in our digital world. I may be wrong, but it is mine.  And now it is yours, sourdough on the waters.


I know this is small.  It is intentionally crowded to reflect the ecosystem I see and also, strategically, to make you slow down.  If it is too busy so be it, if it is too small on your screen, sighs all around.

Here it is on Flickr:  https://goo.gl/xbyOKw

Here it is on Google Docs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_eRY5QJvXyqOU1IcnhOVUIyM0k/view?usp=sharing



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    Great analysis by Terry, and great response by Kevin. – each week you add new depths of understanding and creativity to the rest of us who follow and are inspired by your work. Thank you.

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    I can feel this has dropped into my cauldron which has some witches brew stirring – not sure what spell will emerge.

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