Picnic Preparations: HOMAGO with Daniel Bassill and Simon Ensor

This morning I am meeting with both Daniel Bassill and Simon Ensor to discuss…well, just to sit down to a morning picnic of emerging ideas (cheese) and practices (wine) and observations (bread).  We hunker down together on the digital sward to watch the sun rise and feel its heat upon our faces and to swap truths and stories.

Here are a couple of screencasts-out-loud about these two inestimables:

Daniel Bassill

Simon Ensor



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    Beautiful, the way connections continue to grow … that’s what I keep holding on to .. how people we run into in one place become nodes of the roots of another place, or multiple places … and those connections help us think deeper and further than the first time we ever connected … too many MOOCs and others open courses end when they end, even though we say they will not end when they end … peace, brother. Connect On!

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    Hi Terry.

    I did not get a chance to look at this before our Hangout today. What you’ve done is a model for what I hope youth will learn to do, from many school and non-school organizations. Just by taking the time to look at articles Simon and I have written, then to create a screen cast, and guide others through this information, you’re demonstrating a facilitator role that builds your own understanding and skills, but expands the number of people looking at the same information. If you or others doing the same think, and clicked into any one of the links on my site, you would be guiding people deeper, and deeper, into the layers of information this represents. There could literally be thousands of screen casts, just starting from the two you’ve created.

    I had not seen the blog that Simon wrote, which you focus on. I’ll spend part of my day going back and looking at it, and adding my own comments. Thank you!

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