The Wolf in the Fold

pablo (46)

Here is the text of the poem if you are interested in annotating. I am using inte

The shepherd and dog think they are
making learning legible,
flattened and tidied up,
a complex
of enclosures,
present participles,
Venn ellipses,
a Copernican evolution
of dogmansheep.
Commands given
in this extended brain
existing to herd
existing to be herded
existing to learn and be heard
Education is the mind’s
but learning is the moment
it knows
it is not alone,
not just wiring and firing,
not readable at all.
Learning is mystery in all directions up and down and every other ward.
Learning is the wolf
in the fold.


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    What if
    we took
    this Venn
    and turned it
    and where the line
    meets the circle
    meets the line,
    we drew ourselves


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      Yes, we are dancing on a line…and falling and rising once again, using ellipses and parentheses and semi-colons for hand holds and foot wedges, climbing back up without a line. Peril…us. Peril…oh..we fell again to dance the line again.

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    Wolves and comments in folds..

    Extraordinary convergences…

    Was just talking with Sarah and Torn about Folds.

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    Thanks to Simon and Kevin, my crows in the hedgerows. And Sarah, too.

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