How I Stole a Poem & How You Can, Too

I was reading a post by Deanna Mascle.

I saw a nice picture.

My eyes were going crazy trying to read it so, with Thoreau as my guide,  I made it more legible. And I wanted to break the cycle represented here, to open it up. That is my main collaborative addition to this. I noted to Deanna in G+ comment that I didn’t know whether I’d done justice or violence to her image. Sometimes violence is justice. In this case I am hoping this is non-violent justice.

Like any reader worth his salt, I added the arrow elements above and below as my way of making sense, of making legible, the image.  I cut out big words using much the same subliminal judgment I use when making cut-out or black-out poem, which is to say only vaguely and mos def not rationally. Those words are the red, yellow, and green ones above.

Next step: make more sense (or stop making sense at all).  The image below is me making a mess before it maketh sense.

I know it’s a not so nice picture anymore.  Non-violent justice? Violent injustice? Homage and sincerest form of? Maybe I can get rid of some of the arrows.

Maybe I make it more legible? more pretty? more mine?  Not mine. Ours. Perhaps ‘mined’ from Deanna’s, but not mined. Yourn + mine = Ourn?  I trust that is true.

pablo (95)

And finally…an invitation to collaborate using this editable embed courtesy of Hackpad.

View Real-ly…original copy on Hackpad.




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    When I saw Deanna’s tag cloud graphic I was reminded of a graphic I created about a month ago, showing the tags on my main blog.

    My purpose in sharing this was to encourage people to do Google searches, using the words “tutor mentor” than adding any word in the tag cloud. Usually the result will be one or more articles I’ve written, on my blog, or elsewhere, related to that topic.

    Try the same with “connected learning” then any word in your graphic. Are stories written by CLMOOC members coming up on the first page or two? Are you finding stories written by others that you were not aware of?

    This is an exercise that students and educators could be doing on an on-going basis, to practice active learning habits and to expand their knowledge of topics important to them.

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    There are many simple digital tools that go unacknowledged (like highlight–>–>search). Your tag cloud is one. Maybe I need one on my blog.

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    I played on the hackpad! And I have to admit it was hard. At first I created a whole new poem because I didn’t want to change what was there. It was already beautiful. But then I thought, well, the point here is collaboration and community. And the original poem is already in the image on the blog so it’s not lost. So I added a little to the first part, and left the rest for others to play with. Or to play with the whole thing.

    I got over my “I shouldn’t change at all what others have done” thing…feel free to change what I have done!

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      Marvelous. Take a poem and call me in the morning ;). I felt the same way about Nice when I found out yesterday. Creating must release some sort of happy brain juice. I needed it and feel even better that you were able to use it, too. Thanks for dropping by and sharing and doing. You have made me feel better.

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