Networked Narrative: Challenge, RFP and Manifesto

Alan Levine has written a post that is equal parts manifesto, challenge, and request for proposals from all “potential collaborators”.  I took the emphasis in between the quotes to be on “potential” collaborators, folks who are adept at find the potentials in various kinds of collaborative play.
That made me want to be a potential collaborator if only I knew what the job description was for that position.  I made my thoughts concrete on the stage here:
2016-12-15_08-13-29Then I created a narrative scaffold for crowdsourcing the creation of a job description for the position of “Potential Collaborator”. I borrowed a job description template from MIT and formified it in google. This is my opening proposal to document and map the elusive concept of ‘potential collaborator’.  You can fill it out here if you wish and as you wish.


It looks like some person has made a response already:


Levine has already made it clear that alt-personalities are allowed. Here are some other assumptions I pull from what I have read so far as an informal credo:

1. Invitation trumps permission.
2. There is something called digital magick and alchemistry.
3. The function of the elusive narrative is to open adjacencies, doors to other and sometimes secret spaces.
4. As above, so below–the hermetic creed rules.
5. Creation is combinatorial.
6. Feedforward is not only possible, it is desirable.
7. Improv and infinite game play are possible in a networked space.
8. There should be no limit to the channels an emergent community can create.
9. Formal and informal networked narratives can co-exist somehow.
10. Praxis is the equal of theory.
11. No one knows everything, everyone knows something.
12. We can change the world for the better.


Please add to this below, another narrative network in Hackpad:


    1. // Reply

      And messing with your credo to find a poem

      Invitation is something
      elusive; Sometimes, secret.
      Creation is possible (so)
      play a networked space.
      The emergent community
      can equal the world.


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