Music to “Conference” By

Next week my students and I will be having conferences over various projects we are working on.  While I was looking over my feeds this morning I came across an idea from Russell Tarr-create collaborative music playlists on Spotify for the half hour we spend together to be played to set the tone for our work.

Here is my start of the playlist.  You can add to it if you please, but I will be inviting students to contribute as well with the idea of using this in class as well.


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    Why didn’t my profs ever play Jimmy Cliff or Otis Redding? I wanna go back too school

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      Dunno, Muz. What I do know is how glad I am to see you here. Maybe the other profs don’t do it because it takes time from that infamous zero-sum day I keep hearing about? Besides, music hath charms to soothe the savage student, something to be concerned about if they every pass an open carry bill in Kentucky.

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