Alchemy Everywhere Via Netnarr Transmogrification

So much alchemy here if, by alchemy, we mean transformation/translation. Daniel Bassill translated his own year in the form of a clock. Each hour represents a month. The tool he uses for his alchemical reflection on his year blogging is CMap. I transformed it in numerous ways below.


I am transforming his image into a short video, a viewer’s “cut”.



I made some notes on the back of the envelope he sent that held a thank you note.




Truly, back of the envelope thinking.
Some notes taken on an image and digital object.

The notes I took on the envelope were the basis for the “script” of the YouTube screencast above.

I am in the process of creating my own “My 2018” in Cmap. This is the ultimate transmogrification.


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    Thank you Terry! I hope others from #Modigiwri, #NetNar, #clmooc, and my own network of Tutor and/or Mentor Programs will dig into my articles and share them in the ways you continue to do.

    I also want to thank Anna Smith for inspiring me to create the clock style review of 2018 with article she posted at

    As you look at my work, I encourage you to clarify the difference between Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC), which I started in 1993 and continue to lead today, and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC which is the organization structure I created in 2011 to enable me to keep the T/MC operating.

    The Institute is not a non-profit, which means donations are not tax-exempt. Yet I’m doing the same work as I started in 1993, but with even less money.

    It is confusing. I know. Here’s a cMap I created in 2011 to try to show what I was trying to do. One of the challenges is keeping all this updated.

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    The power of anti-calligraphy, my cursive scratches. Thanks for dropping by.

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