Feldganging the Liminal Entanglement

I know my headlines are…aggravating. I suppose I intend them to be that way because I want you to cross over the threshold between us on the internet or as Neil Stephenson in his latest book, Fall, has his main character, Dodge, call it, ‘the Miasma’.

I have been thinking about how #feldgang has been redefined by others in our connectivist tribe. Some have used a definition that allows them to categorize what they see in the world whether it is saxophones or pear trees or shades of yellow.

Some have let the world define the feldgang: a metafeldgang, a feldgang taken from turning over stuff, a feldgang of place.

I am struggling with the term because it is like Monsieur Jourdain notes in Moliere’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme,

“By my faith! I have been speaking in prose for more than forty years without knowing it and I am much obliged to you for having taught me that. »

Abrignani, Bernard. “Have You Heard of Monsieur Jourdain? | Educational Tools Portal.” Tools for Learning, May 2015, http://educationaltoolsportal.eu/en/tools-for-learning/have-you-heard-monsieur-jourdain.

Have I been doing feldgang my whole life and not know it?

Probably, but the whole issue came to a head when I wrote my blog post about feldgangs of the mind. I have already done feldgang in other strange spaces-annotations (digital and analog), on glass, in poems, across books. An adjacent idea popped into my head today as I looked over something in my own side yard.

This is what I saw:

and here is another from a different and closer shot

And another from the side:

I see these images as graphical representations of the liminal, what Dave Gray defines as the “space between the baseline of reality and that of the obvious, i.e., the needs, feelings and thoughts that happen inside of you.

The liminal as what is inside your head.

So I started to draw lines of my own drawing on my own experience (pun intended).

Is the feldgang an obvious phenomenon, created by nature itself, a natural category, prior to our mindful creation or is it human made and imposed? Is the line between the yard and the pasture above defined by me or by nature? As usual with binaries, the answer is yes, no, both, and neither. I am wanting to know how useful the term is. I want to connect it with liminality. I think it is an analytic term and a creative term. In other words, I am confused.

There is a feldgang of the liminal line in the photo, created by me as I put up the cattle panel and mowed one side. It is created by nature as it adapts to my mowing on one side and grows willy nilly on the other. I think that I create the feldgang in part and in part I just observe the feldgang. Sometimes this makes me feel like Schrodinger’s kitty cat, a quantum meow, and sometimes I feel like the observer collapsing the reality, crossing over the liminal threshold to make the feldgang appear out of nowhere.

A quantum entanglement…?

Not sure how this “thinking out loud” led me to quantummechanix, but there it is. Where are the liminal lines drawn in your feldgang universe and who draws them? I love my curious world. You love yours, too?


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    Looking at the cat video and reading your post reminded me of book I read while recovering from my broken leg. It’s title “The Botany of Desire” by Michael Pollan. It looks at plants and gardens from the human lens, but also from that of the plants, which few of us ever consider.

    I think you’d like it.

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