Fold-A-Voice: An Experiment with the Fold-A-Story Concept Using Hackpad and SoundCloud

This is a fold-a-story but with a twist: it is audio. We are making this up as we go along. I am using Soundcloud as my tool of choice for sharing here because it is easy and free (some limits apply) and embeddable here. All you have to do is record in Soundcloud then copy the link to the file into here. You don’t even have to use the embed code.

The idea here is to add your voice to the story by adding below. I have begun a numbering protocol, but it is not entirely necessary if you don’t want to use it. An added bonus is that if you want to fork the story all you have to do is highlight the number like I have for “One” and then create a new pad that others can diverge into. Kind of a choose your own fold-a-voice adventure. Ready, Player One?

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