Sprinter and Freewrite: Hulk Like!


I use a site called Product Hunt. It is helpful for finding the newest sites and tools for knowledge work. A recent discovery: Sprinter. The product is hooked into word processing hardware called Freewrite. You do not need to use the hardware to have access to the software.

The software puts you into a fifteen-minute freewrite. It does not limit you to that time period.  Not really a countdown clock. It is easy to save as a text file or pdf as well as to the cloud via Google Drive or Dropbox.

This desktop/cloud word processor is stripped down to its minimal viable productive needs.  I used it below to create a very raw, Peter Elbow-like freewrite. I was once very fond of this open style for journal writing. Perhaps I need to re-embrace it with this tool.

That’s it! Check my raw noodlings out below (or not) by clicking in the embed box and using the arrow keys to scroll down.

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    1. I am honored that you would want to graze here and eat so close to the ground. Emblematic of connection, reciprocation and all the usual suspects. Let’s just call it–care. Thanks.

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