Rhizomatic Poetry w/Tellio&Dogtrax

Kevin and I have been working on a digital Gospel ‘call-and-response” (Can I get an Amen, brother? Amen. Thank you, brother.)

I started with the poem here and the video/audio track that inspired the poem.

Kevin took the poem and track and re-mixed them into soundcloud here.

Kevin then doubled down and wrote a #rhizo14 inspired riff here and a SoundCloud recording .

I took Kevin’s SoundCloud and remixed it into the Zeega above.

Now what I think is interesting is that Zeegas are remixable.  So you can copy and remix any Zeega.  I think this epitomizes what I vaguely understand ‘rhizomatic learning ‘ to be.  If you watch and listen to the YouTube tutorial that Matthew Williams provides for KQED’s DoNow series he notes that Zeega is a great tool for exploration.  Her remarks that normally he does a lot more scaffolding for digital tool adoption but with Zeega he prefers to just let it flow. “It is best to go in with a simple concept or interest and use the tool itself to see where you go and be spontaneous with what you are making.”

Half joking, I keep saying rhizomatic learning is vague, but tools like this help me fill in the blindspot that conventional learning has created.  Ditch the scaffold, ditch the rope, and let the learning be negotiated in much the way Kevin and I have been doing together as well as the learning we have been doing internally as well.  Is this rhizomatic?  I think so and I certainly hope that by the end of #rhizo14 I will know it better when I see it and I certainly hope that I will see a lot more attempts at it.

BTW, Kevin has branched off once again and, using Tapestry he has mashed the text up that we have shared already.





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    Thanks for the alert about Zeega, Terry. I’ve not used it yet, looking forward to trying it out. The first question that arises for me is whether the local school district has blocked it.

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      Did you get a look at how I zeegified your poem?

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