Community=Curriculum=Content? An Invocation for Week Five of #Rhizo14


And a nice complement to the poem above, Ze Frank, our profane Mr. Rogers.



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    Hey Terry, love the “come unity’ angle! Did u just make that one up? And i do feel lots of love in this course in general (though it might be just me!)

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      I did make it up in the spirit of play that I find in the best communities I have been a part of. Like ours.

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    so cool, love a great multimodal response to a question, thanks Terry 😉

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      Thanks. Sometimes I just can’t get the words to work without the sound and images. I appreciate having an audience–few but fine.

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    I like the use of the river for the background. Seems we have water in common. Community is about common threads. I miss seeing the mini-moo moos being born in the snow of Colorado. We have thousands of sand hill cranes migrate through every year. There are no snakes in Hawaii, but lots of rattlers back at the homestead. Is the image of a quilt. I like making quillos. Poetry and imagery allow us to come together in unity. Thank you for sharing.

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      Sometimes through no one’s fault I just freeze up if I have to look at or use another abstract noun. So I write a poem, my equivalent for a nitro pill. I would love it if more folks would take up the unity of creative work, even humble stuff like mine. For example, I love the resonating bell that your line “there are no snakes in Hawaii” rings in me. We could do a back and forth poem about all the things that don’t live or do live here. There are no good ice storms in Kentucky. Back atcha.

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