Accounting 4 the Unaccounted 4: A Rhizo15 Poem

This poem is an attempt to roll together the first two themes of Rhizo15–objective/subjective and deciding whether anything that counts is countable.

Raingauge Rainbow Close-up

Accounting 4 the Unaccounted 4

I fixed the rain gauge.

It can count again.
Yet it does not account
     for a single drop of rain.

The mass of a raindrop can then be calculated from the density formula:   mass = (density)(volume). The density of water is 1 g/cm3. Following these steps, the smallest mass of a raindrop produced during a drizzle is then 0.004 mg and the largest produced during a heavy storm is 300 mg.

And while raindrops fall by all the rules,
there is no accounting them once they’ve fallen
except to know they move down the ledgers down
     and down and downstream cycle back like salmon.

The weight of one inch of rain on one acre of ground is 5.20 pounds. One inch of rain on one acre of land weighs 113.31 tons.

And while no one can predict a rainbow,
tonight I waited outside as a storm blew through
 and counted the raindrops whispering,
“One million one… one million two… sun break through.”

The weight of an afternoon rain in April on my 43 acre farm: 4872.33 tons or 9,744,660 pounds.

And the sun did
And the rainbow did, too–
the sound and rain and thunder and fury signifying
     something unaccounted for yet taken into account.

The mass of a drop,
the weigh of an inch
the volume of it all on me–

I cannot account 4 the unaccounted 4.
I will not account 4 the unaccounted 4.



Here is the image enhanced version on Hackpad:


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