Poetry Plain and Poetry Lavish

A Poem:

I am a bubble

who rolls unseeing

toward the others.

We blind bump merge.

and embiggen

and release

and roll on,

a funny little bit of magic,


“Together” revealed.

Zeegified version of poem above:

If you could comment on how each of the poems makes you feel or how they are different or….that would be so fine.


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    Both rock ….
    With the written one, which I saw earlier, I read it as silent art … no soundtrack … and I was paying attention to the words, and flow. For the second one, Zeega, I lost track of the words and paid attention to the flow of ideas. And my hears were bubbling on the theme of friendship …

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    With the first version I was captured by the word ’embiggen’ – I loved it – and it rolled round and round in my mind – in the Zeega version I focussed on ‘together’ – and together we are embiggened 😀

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      Exactly so. I put in some gifs that are strictly ‘feel right’ choices. They don’t necessarily “make sense”. For example, the man sitting in the chair. I am sure I could rationalize that artistic choice, but I don’t really need to do that. Personally, that it. I worry about these odd emotional placeholders with my audience. They are little like cats, they don’t herd well.

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