Obverse Or Reverse?

Some notes for the day after an election.

You may join in below in the Hackpad if you wish. Mark. Remark. Mix. Remix. Hash. Rehash. As… you… wish…


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    I posted an annotation of your two poems on your Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/terry.c.elliott/posts/10209725172840386:0?pnref=story

    My addition focuses on how we need to connect people who have hope, or who are in despair, in learning communities where they expand their ideas, their networks, and begin to find ways to act and build on their hope or overcome their dispair.

    As I’ve read commentary over the past few days from people who voted for Trump, and people who are outlining strategies to win the 2018 election, I realize how much my thinking has been shaped by media messages, buzz words, propaganda, etc. and how little I’ve actually connected with people who turned out in masses to vote for Trump.

    I hope others will be building web libraries like mine, but focused on other issues and other people and that we connect in ways that enable me to go into their world and connect with their issues and ideas while letting them coming into my world for the same purpose.

    Enough of this over time will lead to actions that I hope are more beneficial to the planet and its people.

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    I do believe in this country and am getting out my silver linings playbook.

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    I’m hacking the pad in hopes the connections will revive my signals ….
    Thank you for offering the invitation ..

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