The Canary Ain’t Dead, It’s Just Pining.

Simon cited Kurt Vonnegut in his latest post.

“Artists are useful to society because they are so sensitive. They are super sensitive.

They keel over like canaries in coal mines filled with poison gas, long before any robust types realize that any danger is there.
Kurt Vonnegut (1974)
No, they aren’t dead. Real artists are not fragile at all. They can create. They have a form to pour themselves into for when the fascists kill them. But they live on. Anti-fragile. Alive. In remembrance. Their breath being breathed in others’ lungs.
As long as we sing, we are the canaries. Sing, brothers, sing.

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    There’s much to fear, yet much working in favor of a continuation of our democratic traditions. The unknown and uncertainty is probably one of the greatest fears of all.

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