In the Shadows | #DDA1 for Netnarr

My first go at the #netnarr Daily Doodah Alchymystry.  You control the pace of this narrative, the direction, and the volume.  You can ‘reply’ to it. Or make your own.  A simple ‘choose your own adventure’.  For me, I took the word “shadow” as a narrative entire and looked for images on tumblr and Google Images that…fit.  Let’s play!

The second zeega below is one I screencast with my own pacing.  Compare yours to mine.




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    Enjoyed both versions. Liked the chipmunk washing itself. Don’t know how you find the time and inspiration to create these.

    Happy New Year.

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    I alway move faster when I am “reading” other’s Zeegas and slower when I am “reading” my own. How interesting is that? It may be because I am curious of what is ahead when someone else is the composer. I can be patient with my own. I know what lurks around the corner of sight.

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