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I was annotating the margins of Simon Ensor’s latest post.  Wanted to work it into some self-training I was doing with a new video function with Google Slides.  Here is the pilot.

It would be fun to have folks read Simon’s post, add slides with vids/gifs/sounds/text, or add to the slide notes.  Is that a networked narrative? I think it might be. Here is the link for the Google Slide above if you want to go to the source.


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    What’s interesting about what you did, Terry, is that you first annotated with mostly “music video language” to amplify and extend Simon’s post in the nearly-hidden margins of the post (with Hypthothesis) and then brought your observation through the art of others into public visibility with this slide project. I wanted to add maybe a slide or two, too, as you suggest, but the slideshow seems to be in “view” only. Can you open it up for us?

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        Is it strange that I always first read “turnkey” as “turkey”? Too much coffee in the system?

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    I am in and adding and remixing … (another two hour delay day gives me time to play — and rhyme as comment, too, apparently)

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    I viewed Simon’s article on Hypothes.is yesterday and saw the videos you had embedded. I did not have time to play them. Then today as I used Inoreader to check my favorite blogs, I saw this post. This time I did click into each of the music videos. All of them.

    The last was so uplifting that I posted it on my own blog at http://tutormentor.blogspot.com/2017/02/a-little-friday-motivation-you-gotta.html

    I guess I’ll need to take another look after Kevin adds his talent to this.

    I hope people who visit our blogs see the different ways you are communicating and try some of this themselves.

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