Zeega Still Better than Lumen5

I love the lightweight and easy interface on Lumen5. It has a low barrier to entry, but it also has the same, flat ‘automaticity’ of tools like Animoto. It is still not nearly flexible enough with its tool set (text, filters, music, images).

Zeega, on the other hand, is funky and messy. When you watch it you are part of the agency of the piece. You have to advance the frames on your own. Sometimes that means you have to watch it more than once to get it. This quality makes it utterly different than any other media tool I have ever used. Con? I am dependent on a failing open source tool that no one supports except one kind, good friend. I suppose that is part of its charm.

If you want quick and dirty, then go for Lumen5. If you want nuance and serious artistic choices and agency, then Zeega is the easy winner. Hey, why not have both?

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