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2toPonder Episode Three

In today’s microcast I discuss the importance of holding back in learning. https://jgregorymcverry.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2toPonderEp3.m4a Posted on Kind Tags Article microcast

I was listening to Greg McVerry’s micro podcast, 2toPonder, this morning. (It’s two minutes long and I recommend a careful listen.)  It argues for more learner agency, what I  call ‘duty to self’.  At least, I think that is what he intends.  I remarked under his comments  below:

Nice metaphor. It is aspirational. Can it aspire fully and well within the status quo higher ed institutions? Or is it still focused on “permitting” students to lead? Probably has to be this way if we are to live within this system. I always thought that you could and should lay down parallel tracks inside that system. The idea was to render unto Rome what was Rome’s and unto the learner what was the learner’s. I still do this, but I am much less sanguine about whether Rome doesn’t corrupt that parallel track. Is there such a thing as being a learner as defined by the school and one as defined by the self? Seems we get what Du Bois called the “double consciousness” or worse what Bateson called the “double bind.”

On a funnier note I am reminded of a Bill Hicks last concert. He relates a story of being on a plane with small children, his own personal hell.  When a child starts fiddling with the emergency door handle and someone reaches to stop him, Hicks says, “Wait a minute. We’re all about to learn something here.”

Is this what you mean, Greg?  Hold back a bit, we all might learn something?   I can get behind that because if students don’t have any skin in the game, teachers get to do all the work.  And that sucks.

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    @tellio Let’s keep the metaphor going…I guess in this model the teacher is the horse…and that requires a stagecoach drive or jockey. I guess that can be the student..

    In terms of my literal I mean holding back in terms of, “setting goals too far ahead,” or criticism, or even the models we use.

    Today I just did, “Pushing Forward” I guess tomorrow’s microcast must be on “Goldilocks” teaching…just need to define it so we can mix all the metaphors

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