Let the Adjacency Begin: MYOB, Brightsiders!

It’s all just an extended definition for the adjacent possible and the evolution of small pieces loosely joined ad hoc.  As usual, if the embed below is hincty, here is the linkty.


Playing around with WordSwag + YouTube + Popcorn.

  1. .Open WordSwag.
  2. .Get image from iPhone gallery.
  3. .Insert text into image.
  4. .Save to gallery.
  5. .Continue with the same photo and saving text until you run out of text. (I ended up with ten or so pix with part of the text quoted.)
  6. .Open up Makeagif.com
  7. .Upload images via Airplay into iMac desktop.
  8. .Upload images into Makeagif site under “Photos to Gif”
  9. .Create gif.
  10. .Save as both gif and mp4.
  11. .Upload mp4 to YouTube.
  12. .Add to Popcornmaker.
  13. .Find YouTube music, less than 30 seconds.
  14. .Share videos to Popcorn timeline.
  15. .Save and embed into WordPress Blog, Impedagogy.

Just look at all the adjacencies.  And there are many more lines of flight that can lead to the same product via different agencies.  Fun.


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    Loving how many of us are doing this — pulling back the curtain to show what we were doing. I call them process notes. Maybe others will follow our paths …

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      HOMAGOSA: Hanging out, mucking about, geeking out, sharing around.

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