Algorithm or HumanRhythm?

I have two different versions of the same poem by Laure A. Brook that I found with Kevin Hodgson’s help. He had suggested an A-B comparison between an algorithmically created poem on Lumen 5 and a human, a latter-day John Henry. That would be me. So I did it.

I will let you decide which is which and make comments in the etherpad I embed below.


Spring ripens
in my imagination,
across open fields,
and in my hands darkened
by days working words and loam,

the roots of seedlings left

Laure A. Brook

Lumen 5: Example A

Lumen 5: Example B

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    Great exercise, friend. Glad I suggested it for I wondered. Actually, Lumen did not do a bad job on its own. Still, yours is better, if I guessed right. If not, then reverse those sentences into an infinite loop. I hope Laure likes it. She seems to have disappeared from Twitter now but a message earlier says she is in YAP.

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