Splashing with Sound in the Baby Pool

I am messing about with a couple of audio tools: Narro, Anchor.fm, and Soundslides. Why? I am still playing around with the idea of a podcast and RSS feed set up to automatically read these posts. Or at least ones I have designated as “podcasts”.

I have been using Narro much like I use Pocket and Anchor.fm. It will read my posts but will it read an embedded Mastodon post- a poem I wrote there?

OK, I tried to get it to read the embedded poem above, but to no avail. Here is the failed podcast.

Here is the Narro reading taken from the URL. Yes, there are issues.

Here is the Narro reading taken directly from the poem text. Much better, but the ‘voice’ is so inauthentic. I am beginning to think that the larger purpose and context of a podcast is to generate a real signal and that starts with a real voice.

Here is the Anchor.fm version with background music. I think for ease of use this is amazing.

So I am back to recording on my iphone and uploading to Soundslides, but I can’t seem to find a native app that records as an mp3 file (which Soundslides needs). So…I use might Zamzar as my conversion tool, mp4a–>mp3. BTW: the developer for this online media creation tool, Soundslides, is really hitting it out of the yard. His most recent addition in a downloader for the finished product which works perfectly.

Here are my tools in order of use.

  1. Anchor.fm for recording and adding background music.
  2. Export from Anchor.fm as m4a and use Zamzar to convert to mp3 for use by Soundslide.
  3. Import converted mp3 file into Soundslides.
  4. Import images into Soundslides.

Here is the finished product. Or at least half-baked.

And here is the YouTube upload:

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