Hypothes.is: Seek, Make Sense, Share

This is the year I push Hypothes.is as a public and private annotation tool. I am sounding adamant here because of the Jeremy Dean’s inspiring iAnnotate 2019 panel address below.

I am also making this a faculty professional development project as well, including helping my university adopt it as a tool inside of Blackboard. This project will include working with my own department and then working within the university to help other teachers adopt Hypothes.is in their classrooms.

Jeff McClurken has created a Google doc which lists many ways you can use this cool annotation tool in the classroom. I have embedded the Google Doc below and will be adding to it as I do my own further research this summer.

If you are interested in using Hypothes.is there are many tutorials and playlist here to get you started:

Click on the three lines icon at top for the entire tutorial playlist.

as well as Jon Udell’s many experimental tools .

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