Breadcrumb Mastery

Here is some thinking and working out loud inspired by my network buddy, Daniel Bassill, @tutormentorteam.




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    Thank you Terry for taking the time to look, then the even greater time to share via this article and the Wakelet.

    Robert Putnam’s work has influence much of my social capital thinking, since early 2000s. Here’s a set of articles on my blog where I draw from his work.

    I’ve been encouraging you and other #clmooc educators, and others, to create a learning path that engages students in doing exactly the same type of inquiry and sharing that you do, digging into my web resources, or digging into other topics. Here’s a recent article where I encouraged this.

    As with everything we each do, the links we provide, draw us deeper and deeper into the quicksand of learning.

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      Yes, you have been very encouraging, especially in the original sense of the word–to provide courage to keep on. Thanks so much for inspiring me and encouraging me.

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