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I am sharing this with my colleagues on a Zoom session. It is online and shareable. I introduce these poll, survey and learner participation tools below. You can check the link and add your favorites or critiques of what I have collected. I have had students use Wakelet as a rough draft presentation tool and as way to gather preliminary research together to share with others. Hope to see you below with praise, questions and suggestions for polish.

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    Thanks Terry. It’s a great list and I’m adding it to my weblibrary under “cool tools”. It also demonstrates the potential of Wakelet.

    I point to sections of my web library and strategy presentations I’ve created in this blog article, using TinyURL links to shorten long ones. I had a big scare yesterday when none of those would open.

    If you look at the bottom of that article you’ll see I point to you as the inspiration for creating this list. Now what I suggest is that students from any school could be going through specific sub sections and then sharing what’s in them using Wakelet. I’d love to see that happening.

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