Hope and Discipline Cycles and Atones and Reconciles and Recurs and Relinquishes and More

Books are a healthy reminder system for your values.  They are tactile, ethical blazes lit by others and nurtured on our shelves every time we return to them. A paragraph can burn as bright as a meteor.  Here is some more from Wendell Berry’s A Continuous Harmony. The essay is titled “Hope and Discipline“.  I feel as if our 30 years in this holler have been an attempt at a continuous harmony as an invited guest who is trying to reconcile the fertility of the soil with selling the fruit of that soil, our lambs.  As Berry argues, you cannot have “love without a return of devotion or loyalty”, you can’t have faith without good work, you can’t have art without “devotion to an ideal of workmanship”.

Here is a screencast with a reading:


Here is the text of the reading and the chart Berry provides differentiating the linear from the cyclical:

Wendell Berry's essay "Hope and Discipline"
The text I am using for the screencast above.

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