The Shimmer


Saw Kim D’s poem here.

Wanted to reciprocate with something more than a thumbs up or a like.

I remixed her poem with diigo and etherpad

Vernal not Viral
(with thanks to Kim D for the original poem which appears here:
A vernal virus, 
the temperature in our ground is rising,
warming by quarter degrees, 
infecting us all
from concave to convex, 
from gerund to verb, 
from male to female and back again. 
Even in masks
we are unmasked, 
we’re itching
to be
to the vernal,
showing our naked sprung selves 
to the gyre and whirl 
all about us.
running, playing, lazing in the sun,
we are magnified by a lens 
of our own making, 
sunned and tanned and lasered by 
the rising, warm, yeasty tide of fermentation, 
not viral violence,
instead a hoedown of stomping and hooting. 
Like cats we look for that puddle of light 
that will evaporate 
the cold and dark of winter’s shadow,
a shimmer that happens first
on the wall of my log home, 
a letter written with nine-light-minute ink 
on logs likely to have grown 
before our wee mewing Republic
was nary a glimmer,
creating a tunnel of green,
Pan, at the helm, 
burrowing with borrowed light 
at the gates of dawn 
straight into the bloody, raw Spring,
toward but not reaching Summer…
not yet. 

Here is the remix recorded via screencast-o-matic and music added in YouTube.

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    I got not so much as a big fat nothing from this remix. Of course, you can’t make anyone do more than like or thumbs up something, but this got nothing. It is a good poem by my own judgment whatever that is worth. It is an invitation, but nobody came.

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