Too True

I  also think it is true, too, that energy follows attention.  If I focus too much on the dark and present truth of what Pressfield says, my Muse will dry up.  We must attend to our writing selves. I think that might just be rule #1 in creator self-care.  But if I don’t acknowledge that I need the energy of my audience, that’s just as much a lie.  No one should listen exclusively to the fraud of the rancorous cynic nor to the yippee zippy yahoo attitude of the brightsiders. Aristotle, I hate you and your admonition to moderation, but damned if you might not be right. One thing I do believe is that to be true to myself I need to let the pendulum access the full swings of truth, both plus and minus, on occasion.  Sometimes you gotta cry “Havoc” and loose the dogs of war.

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