The Power of Place, Even Digital Place

One of the affirmations I acknowledge on the regular is, “Everything is time sensitive.” I might add that not everything is place sensitive. What I mean by this is not just a simple of acknowledgement that home is sweet. It is sweet but it is also a thousand threaded root of experiences. Home feels way beyond complicated, but not every place we call home is home. If I had to compare it to something in the natural world, I would say that home is like a bamboo rhizome. You can uproot it, but at great hardship and much hard work, but once rooted it becomes situated and ‘at home’.

This led to a surprising discovery I made recently with the help of some insights from my friend, Simon Ensor. What did I find out from him? Digital places can be home, too. In this case, the homes I refer to are Twitter and Wakelet.

I wrote this post

Simon responded in the comments section of that blog post to which I replied with a poem.

Simon tweeted back.

This bamboo rhizome, this new digital gestalt, is just the same as my sense of coming home, created anew everytime I drive back on my 1/2 mile of gravel lane.

Simon put all the root threads in one place, a digital space called Wakelet that we have both used for years. I hadn’t thought of it as a digital home place before, but now I know it is. Now you know it is, too. See the Wakelet below in all its non-hierarchic, rhizomatic glory.

I mentioned this in a tweet to which he replied

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