Introduction to Cli-Fi, Climate Fiction

As a teacher, do climate catastrophe narratives make you feel like the violinist on the Titanic as it begins to shift ever so slightly aft and starboard?  My last two years of teaching at university I asked myself before every assignment, “Will anything in this help my students deal with the existential threat of climate change?”  I didn’t have trouble finding justifications, but Nick Admussen’s interview in this article by Dan Bloom might get you to thinking harder on this.

Literature professor probes novels of the Anthropocene Age

18 [ Dan Bloom is a climate activist in Taiwan. He blogs at ] A literature professor at Cornell University in upstate New York, Nick Admussen, has recently published an online literary essay about writing novels in the Anthropocene Age.

The fiction category for addressing these climate issues is Dan Bloom’s term “cli-fi”, climate fiction.  The point is obvious: there is no time to waste because we have already wasted too much.  If we are going to be “good ancestors” and be worthy of the mantle of “teacher”, let us make it happen.

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    I added a link to this article in an article on my blog titled “Climate Change: Environmental Racism”. I first posted the article in 2016, then updated it in 2021. I’ve been adding “updates” at the bottom since I first wrote it.

    My list of updates could be shared as a Wakelet if someone wanted to take the time to do that. An addition might be a list of current science fiction which already includes a focus on how humans have destroyed the planet over and over.

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