Reflections in Another Medium

In my Gmail newsletter feed I came across a tool recommended by Jeremy Caplan,  “Jitter”, a text motion capture app.

I was especially interested because he was going to highlight it on Thursday, November 18 along with a live demo workshop with Jitter‘s founder Sébastien Robaszkiewicz to learn how to create a motion graphic, “even if you’re a complete novice.”

I tried out Jitter and found it ‘pliable’.  What I mean by this is that the tool is simple enough to grasp and powerful enough to produce useful stuff.  Like Buffer’s Pablo or the task manager, Alfred or…pick yer handy poison.

What I did was to use a combination of Jitter and Soundslides to create a space for reflecting in. My purpose here is to flesh out how I did this in a minimally viable way.

First, I had a busy week so far  and I was especially wanting to make reflection a part of that creative process.

Second, I asked myself what would happen if I found a way to reflect on these objects in some playfully different way?

Third, I ran into Jitter via Jeremy Caplan’s newsletter, Wonder Tools.  (I seem to be coming to some surprising crossroads of late as I ‘rewild’ my networks in a more conscious way.)  I have always loved text motion tools like Jitter on my iPhone, but they always fall by the wayside or become too expensive.  This may happen here, too, but for now it is “free” and I decided to use it.

Fourth, I created the “Stay Strong” motion graphics using Jitter and saved it as a gif and an mp4.  Easy to do on Jitter.

Fifth, I uploaded that to Soundslides and added some of my creative objects from the week so far. I also added a few more text graphics in the editing timeline.

Last, I uploaded to YouTube.

I included a reflection there in the comments and here below:

The tools are important, but the uses for the tools are even more so. My purpose is to reflect using these two tools and way more. It is a different kind of reflection than text alone. How so? Take a look and let me know how it feels different for you. For me, it allows me to draw my community’s attention differently. For example, the ‘cinematic’ music allows me to be ironic. The text allows me to be dramatic as well as to accent and explore the image. The viewer can stop and read stuff if they wish. My original image for the pitcher pump had no text at all. I added some.  I think the timed use of text is super powerful.

And you? Do you switch up your ‘reflective modes” to amp up the surprise rate in your online ecosphere? I hope so because I know it helps me cross thresholds and uncover blind spots I didn’t even know existed until I had crossed them.

Here’s my ‘final’ product. Disclaimer alert: this is just practice reflection.  I am not really sure what I am doing, but I will keep trying and I hope you do as well.



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    I think I like this video better than those from Lumin5, although both are good. What I like most is how you not only prime the pump, but your keep pumping as water comes out. It quenches the thirst for many and fuels the desire to contribute for others.

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    Love your complimentary metaphor. Many tools for many purposes. I need to have a regular YouTube channel for these purposes.

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