A Persona Represents as It Presents (REVISED, 11/23/2021)

A #smallpoem response to this NYT poem by Jericho Brown. The persona in this poem is not my own, but I do see it everywhere these days. Everywhere. I am presenting and representing. You stand provoked.


In fact you can “balance” the dark mode of this poem by adding to it. At the end of the poem you might write how you might come to “love humanity”. I have included my own response to the call below.

Hold that darkness for a moment
we all might learn something.
Be opposed.
Hate humanity, but love every Karen, Chad, and Lenny.
Wash your hands in them.
Wash your hands with them.
Be steeped in solidarity.
Keep on!

Beckett wrote in “Waiting for Godot,”
“ESTRAGON: Don’t touch me! Don’t question me! Don’t speak to me! Stay with me!
VLADIMIR: Did I ever leave you?
ESTRAGON: You let me go.”

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