When You Arrive?

The moment you arrive

We are in our universe,

A universe of jubilant rendezvous,

And when you leave, what then?

What result do I crave?

What do I want you

To take with you?

Your life,

I want you to know,

is a form of art.

Your pen connects

Your brain to your hands

And mine to mine

But I don’t want to steer.

You do it.

That makes the most sense now.

If we get this process right,

All will follow.

If you know

That we can all live

With a cathedral’s philosophy,

Mortality becomes

A handy due date,

Not a deadline,

But just as certain a payout

As alien abduction insurance

With its comic calculus of maybe.

What else?

Pure conviviality,

A deliberate conversation and regular walk

Taken in silence with one another,

Holding the quiet between,

Like befriending a crow

And then?

Foil and shine and unbidden gifts

Owned by none.


A serene universe taken from my own and shared convivially with you.


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