One Woman Owns the Signal of Her Life.

Clarissa Bezerra’s potent confessional post is one of the treasures unearthed as part of the #rhizo14 collaboration.  I have re-carved it using my favorite sculpting kit, zeega.


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    Tellio, I am lucky to have met you in #rhizo14. Our interactions and my reading of your stuff, which is such a smart and exhilarating mixture of intellect and art, really triggered. I’ll make that last verb objectless on purpose. Thank you, from the bottom of my ‘burning heart’ 🙂

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    We are all vulnerable and triggered. I see much of that vulnerability in my attempts to come to terms with new ideas, new friends, new hemispheres, and objectless verbs. It is because your heart was burning that I was able to create and do. My grateful heart back to you. Thanks and I trust we will carry on like a metaphor, extending and oscillating like a dandelion in the wind.

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    Wow, very beautiful and potent mix/remix of text, imagery and music that captures the essence of Clarissa’s post. The emotive pull that perfectly chosen imagery and music adds to text, and the way it enhances the meaning of text so succinctly and completely, has been a real revelation. Thank you for demonstrating the power of a well executed zeega! (that’s to both of you…!)

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