Connected Learning Principles and Values: the PopcornMaker Version

Moving toward connected learning once more. Eventually, who knows, maybe I will practice what I preach.


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    You are the gif king.
    Love including Bluto/guitar smash scene — open web!
    Thanks for making and sharing and being in my mix every time I turn around. You rock!
    Breaking strings and making noise,

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      Keep on! The signal is in the noise. I was always floored by the Bluto response after the smashup–Sorry. If he means it, well, that’s funny. If he’s insincere, well, that effing funny, too. And I think it might be funny on other levels. For example, I found out later that the hipster character whose guitar was destroyed was in actuality the real life musician, Steven Bishop. I also heard a Harold Ramis interview (RIP) where Ramis said that the whole scene was improvised because Belushi forgot his lines. If that is the case, then Bluto is actually Belushi apologizing to Bishop for forgetting his lines. And on and on and on…keep on.

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